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caches-secrets.jpg at-pro-online-dd-pinpointing.jpg at-pro-online-size-dd.jpg  Garrett Metal Detectors Pro-Pointer Tips

Cache Hunting Secrets - Where Did Grandpa Hide His Money?
An old Victorian home is the setting for veteran treasure hunter Jerry Eckhart as he demonstrates common hiding places for money, both inside and outside, in such old homes.

Pinpointing Techniques with Garrett's 8.5"x11" DD Coil
Basic pinpointing, tip and tail pinpointing, and DD wiggle pinpointing techniques demonstrated with Garrett's 8.5"x11" DD coil.

Determining Target Size with Garrett's 8.5"x11" DD Coil
Technique to determine probable target size

Pinpointing Tips with the Garrett Pro-Pointer
Steve Moore shows how to retune the Garrett Pro-Pointer in order to more precisely pinpoint detected targets.

Garrett Metal Detectors are distributed in Australia by Garrett Australia and sold by Authorised Dealers listed on our website. Garrett Metal Detectors are not authorised for sale on eBay, Amazon or Gumtree. Consumers purchasing Garrett Metal Detectors from these sites are warned that the product they are purchasing is not covered under the Manufactures warranty and that they are buying at their own risk. Substandard and Counterfeit Garrett products are in circulation and Garrett Australia have received numerous complaints of poor quality Metal Detectors branded as Garrett Metal Detectors. Garrett Metal Detectors are made in the USA, are individually serialised and are made to the highest quality standards. Garrett Metal Detectors for sale on eBay, Amazon or Gumtree cannot be verified as genuine Garrett Metal Detectors. If you have concerns over the seller of a Garrett product please contact us to verify that they are an approved and authorised Garrett Metal Detector dealer.